Oopss.. this is my first post in 2018.. Oopss.. i just want to tell about my absence in this blog.. (oh Lord.. it’s almost month of June, which mean almost half year pass in 2018… OMG) Oopss.. i can’t update about the baby D’s development after the week 8 because i had to go back… Read More Oopss..

How to Survive First Month with Newborn

*Artikel ini diketik menggunakan satu tangan sementara tangan satunya lagi gendong baby D yang ketiduran…* *Lalu artikel ini ditulis beberapa hari kemudian…*hahaha 😀 (ohya artikel ini akan mix bahasa indonesia and inggris.. tolong dimengerti..:p) Like i tell you in my post before about my pregnancy week by week, now the real adventure begin.. (antara senang,… Read More How to Survive First Month with Newborn