Hobby no. 1

My number 1 hobby is reading. I already read book since in kindergarten. My first book was disney encyclopedia books. I’m fascinated with the content from those books. I learn many kind of plants and animals. It’s really fun for me as a kid who don’t go out home like other kid do. And in elementary school i begin to read comics like bobo, donald duck, uncle gober, and many of disney’s comics.

Start from junior high school, unintentionally i read a manga. My first manga was Meitantei Conan. And after that, indeed i become a little bit otaku or manga freak. I bought a lot of manga books with romance genre. Maybe this time was the transition of me from kid to teenager who attract to love kind things. From one shot manga to serial manga, from romance to more complex. 

In senior high school, i don’t have a lot of things to do. I just study for school and read manga for fun, and watch the anime as addition to my otaku level. Or just hang out with some friends. My interest of manga change from romance to shounen genre. From “Dunia Mimpi” to “Samurai X”. And in college i read more shounen than in my senior high school like “One Piece”, “Flame of Recca”, “Rave”, “Shounen Magz”, “Prince of tennis”, “Alive”, “X”, and many more. I had a little bit interest in shounen ai and shoujo ai genre.

After graduated from college and get into society of work, i change my manga genre again. I think this is the transition time from teenager to become an adult. I prefer to read a more light of manga with slice of life genre and web toon. My interest of manga change to manga with daily life stories. And i begin to read novel and another kind of books (i will write it later in another article).

I think reading a book was a good hobby. I can spend many time just to read a book. I can expand my imagination far from me right now to another place and another world. I can feel many of emotion like funny, sad, anger, and many more emotions just from books. The essential from my hobby is “Life is simple, it’s yourself who make it complex” ^o^


The list of manga’s genres:

1. Shounen manga –> manga with action or fighting and full of adventure (mostly like and read by boy/man) ex: One Piece

2. Shoujo manga –> manga with cuteness and pretty image (mostly like and read by girl/woman) ex: For you in Full Blossom

3. Historical manga –> manga with historical stories ex: Rurouni Kenshin

4. Mecha –> manga with robotic character ex: Gundam

5. School life –> manga with school life stories, student as the main character ex: Ouran High School Club

6. Supernatural –> manga with supernatural stories or about sixth sense ex: Great Cases of Yorozuya cases

7. Mystery –> manga about detective who solve the problem usually a murder ex: Meitantei Conan

8. Horror –> manga about ghost

9. Slice of life –> manga about daily life ex: Love so life

10. Shounen ai and shojo ai –> manga about man and man relationship or woman and woman relationship but not too explicit.

11. Gender bander –> manga about man who change into woman or woman change into man

12. Adult, josei, smut, mature  –> manga with 18+ content

13. Ecchi, harem, hentai –> manga with explicit content about sex

14. Sports –> manga with sport content ex: Prince of tennis

15. Yaoi and yuri –> manga about man and man relationship or woman and woman relationship in explicit ways

16. Manhwa –> Manga from korea, korean stuff get really famous in my country from a couple years ago

17. Webtoon –> colorful comic from korea or a toon in a web (literally from the name)

18. And many more


9 thoughts on “Hobby no. 1

    1. hi yuna.. i’m actually getha.. friend of lina.. 🙂
      I recently read your blog and i like it.. so i follow your blog.. ^_^
      This is my new blog in 2015.. sorry for the minor posting.. still had jetlag in real life.. hahaha ^o^/


      1. halo yunaa.. hahaha (berubah pake indonesia)
        Iya nihh kemaren baru posting tiga..terus gue baca blog lu di link instagram lu.. baiklah saya akan mulai ngeblog lagi… you inspired me.. hahaha LOL


      2. Jadi kita sama2 suka kdrama..traveling..sama baca buku..hahaha
        Okey!! Kt bs sharing cerita di blog..hehe
        I’ll be waiting for your new updates to..mupeng pgn ke jepang jg.. 😢😢😢


      3. Pas banget sebenarnya yahkesamaannya, semuanya bisa di bagi. Amen, ayo kita ke Jepan, gak pernah bosan ih ke Jepang itu. Apalagi kalo bisa dibiayain yah. kekekekeke


      4. Hiks.. dibiayain.. sama siapa??? 😱😱😱
        Bucket list yg ga kesampean dari dulu.. sedih.. 😭😭
        Emg udh ke jepang berapa kali yun?? Abis baca2 tadi di blognya..mupeng euy..


      5. sapa tau menang undian apa gitu.Amen. baru dua kali Get. Pengennya semua musim pas peak seasonnya, sayang gak pernah promo pas peak season. Ayo kita menabung lagi.
        Gw aja kalo nulis, masih mupeng. kekekeke


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