Hobby No. 2


This article is about my No.2 hobby.. which is.. WATCHING movie, any kind of movie!! ^_^ 

Watch movie is my second hobby beside reading. Usually at sunday morning (when i still little), i watch cartoon or should i call it an anime? And when i’m in high school year 2000’s, technology of computer start to develop. I can watch anime through vcd player in computer. In college, most of the student had a laptop (except for me T.T). Internet was a common knowledge for student. I can download anime through the internet and i can watch it on laptop or computer. 

I already told you in my previous article that i’m a little bit of otaku. And there’s a time in my life that I spend my holiday to re-watch anime. I don’t really like to hang out in holiday (i regret it now, but i can’t go back there with time machine huh?). Besides the anime, i watch a dorama too. In that time, dorama gets popular in my country.

When i already graduated from my college and got a work, i like to watch movie in theater with my friends. It’s usually a box office movies. But sometimes i had to spend an extra money for the popcorn and the soda. Enjoying my youth with my money yes! :p

In my age of 23 or 24, the popularity from Japan change a little bit to korea. I already watch korean drama in college but in that time Korean Drama really make a hit. A lot of “Kdrama” and “reality show” pop out. You can download it easily and it available in many of website. And the drama is up to date too. I begin too download korean drama and collected in hard disc external. I also watch “Running Man” one of the reality show in Korea that make a big hits.

And until now!! In almost my 30’s age i still watch korean drama and reality show. The Korean Wave itself already influence my country in many ways not just the movie but also fashion, food, music, etc. I also can find korean channel in Cable TV like KBS, SBS, Channel M, etc. In my opinion, Korean drama had more attractive stories than dorama, it also had a bunch of handsome actors and pretty actress. I can find a lot of genre in Kdrama like comedy romantic, melodrama, action, thrill, and many more. That’s why i enjoyed to watch kdrama so much.

But i can’t say that i’m a korean freak. Because I still watch dorama, west series movie like supernatural, constantine, sherlock holmes series, arrow, natgeo channel, disney’s and dreamworks movies like how to train your dragon and brave, animated movies

My Kinda Movies

and anything that caught my interest.

This is my Favorite K drama’s list from 2014 until now: angry mom, arang and the magistrate, a werewolf boy, ex-girlfrends club, fashion king movie, girl who sees the scent, good doctor, gu family book, healer, hyde, jekyll and me, i hear your voice, it’s okay that’s love, kill me heal me, my love form another star, pinnochio, etc (i can’t remember) ^o^/

In 2015 i can easily download kdrama, dorama, reality show, west series movie, or even box office movie in forum like http://www.indowebster.com or go to http://www.ganool.com or maybe you can visit http://www.doramax264.com. Easy to get easy to watch.


Dorama –> refer to Japan drama usually had 11 eps (more simple than kdrama)

Kdrama –> refer to korean drama usually had 16-20 eps

My Kinda Movies


3 thoughts on “Hobby No. 2

    1. Running Man is.. RACUN!! ^O^
      Coloring our life more (ketauan kerjaannya nonton doang gue??)

      A gentleman dignity hemss ah!! handsome ahjussie!! Araso2!! Itu sebenernya mendekati banget kehidupan laki2 lajang di usia 40 (we’re still in our 30’s please be patient to get to that level!! hahaha)


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