Random Part 1

Actually, this blog was my fourth blog!! (i’m confusing myself too much!! haha).

My first blog is http://www.iboychubby.wordpress.com. The content of that blog was about my self, my activity, my traveling, my illness, and many more random things i do in my life back then (too much useless things i’ve done… hahaha)

My second blog is http://www.beruangpanda.wordpress.com. This is the private blog between me and my ex-boyfriend (now is my husband). We exchange stories, difficulties, love song, and some of “rayuan gombal” (crap flattery). HAHAHA (it’s really fun to read it now after 5 years ^0^)

My third blog is http://www.funtachi.wordpress.com. This is the together’s blog project between me and my friend. This blog give information about food to eat (culinary) and places to go (travelling).

And this is my fourth blog http://www.maruhoshi.wordpress.com. Maruhoshi is my first blog which use international language/ English (please have mercy on my grammar.. T.T) (please tell me if i was wrong in make a good sentence.. hehehe)

And like i said in my about.me at my below page, i’m still confuse about my purpose in life. And i still confuse what theme i want to write in my blog now. I’m considering telling people about me and myself and i (am i to narcissistic??) or telling about food to eat and place to go (but actually i’m not that rich to go to many places and eat expensive food) or give tips to the reader (what kind of tips huh??) or books to read and movie to watch (there’s a lot of blogs with the same idea and topic of movies and books) or about cooking and crafting (but i’m not a pro).




So after i confusing myself again about random thoughts in my mind. Maybe i just have to go with the flow… and drink tea..

Have a nice day everyone!! 🙂


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