My kinda Game (in 2015)

I’m not that kinda pro gamer or something, and i’m the person who seldom installing game in pc or laptop. But, i’m active enough to playing mobile game (but not kinda RPG game). And Thanks to the technology of SYNC-ing, nowadays i can sync my mobile game with my facebook or google account (it can save my games whenever i uninstalled and reinstalled the games, or when i had to hard reset my mobile phone). Nice Tech!! 

And my recently mobile games in 2015 are..

  • Rise of Berk (from “How to Train Your Dragon Movie) = This game is about collecting dragons and do some quest with complete characters like in the movie (hiccup’s father died too in this game), i have to search all that kind of dragons (i collect about 40 kind of dragons until now), i also can level up my dragon and make the dragon collecting fishes and woods to expand the village, build the house, build the bridge and many things in many ways. Because i’m a collector and a fan of dragon, i’m very LOVE this kind of game (before this game appear i used to be playing smurf but unfortunately it can’t sync with google account so i get bored from repeated the game). But for someone who like challenge, this not the right game to play.
  • Clash of Clans (everyone can play this game) = This game is about build your own village, join with friends in a clan, and had a war to another clans. I have to collect gold and elixir (gold for build my defense, elixir for making a troops to attack other village). This is a simple game about raid or being raided! (HAHA) but i enjoyed the discussion about the strategy and chit chat with another player.
  • Criminal Case (this is actually a facebook game) = this game is about solving a murderer in each level. How can i find the murderer? I have to collect the evidence in every crime scene. This is not a difficult game. Just need a couple of good eyes to search things. Very simple game but kinda addicting. And once more, this is not the RIGHT game for people who loves challenge. (lol)


  • Mystery Match = this game have similar kind to candy crush game, but had below difficulty level from candy crush (actually i get bored to candy crush for stuck in the same level over a month, geezz..). I almost finish all the level so i need more level from this game (please develop this game quickly).
  • Two Dots = this is a new game i’ve been installed recently. It’s about connecting the dots (minimum 2 dots). It’s kinda addicting and more difficult in each up level.


See… i don’t have an RPG game in my mobile phone… (sorry, i’m not that kinda RPG gamer and i think i have a slow response in that kind of game). 😦

Game in mobile phone can consume and drain your battery faster than your thought. So i just playing at it when i’m in home. Hahaha

So, what kind of your mobile game? 🙂


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