A woman like me?

It just me? Or any woman in the world had the same issues like me. Haha LOL! 😀

I’m not a shopaholic woman, but sometimes i can’t hold my self to buy things! (this is so dangerous!! :D)


My life change recently when i got married. I used to be a woman worker (as an engineer) who works at 9 – 5, Monday to Saturday. Mostly i spend my money for my family (i’ve been supporting my family since i graduated from college). I also spend money for traveling, shopping, culinary, and saving for the future. But in December 2014 i resigned from my job. I moved in to my husband’s house. My husband was a freelancer (he doesn’t too fit to work in permanent office) as a programmer. 

I use my saving for arrange our marriage (same with my husband) and made some simple little celebration for our marriage. And then i declare to my husband (and my family) that i want to stop a life as an employee. I said i’m too bored to work, is not my passion, tired with the traffic, my company not good as used to be, i want to get rest (i didn’t have chance to had a long and nice vacation after i graduated from my college), i want to find my passion in work (so i’ll work happily everyday), etc, etc, etc (too much excuse for just quitting my job) :p

And until now, because i don’t have my own monthly income (one of consequence for stop working as an employee) i can’t buy or shopping carelessly. I have to make a priority first (monthly family’s needs) and then pay the bills, and manage the budget for parents, budget for culinary and entertainment and hobbies (like go to the theater), budget for saving, and.. the money is run out. Hey!! where’s my money to shop?? 😦

I made up my decision to sell my old clothes and bags (when i move my things from my parent’s house to my husband’s house, i amaze myself why i had so many clothes, bags, shoes, etc LOL 😀 ), and i donated some of my things to my relatives, to church, and i organize my things so it can fit with my husband’s things. (Hey!! i have a roommate now!! :D)


So this is me right now! Trying to not shopping impulsively. Think first before shopping especially clothes, bags and shoes (when everything goes online, i had more time to think before i bought it, but truthfully shopping online is more attractive than shopping offline nowadays so people can easily tempted to buy!! 😀 ). Try to mix & match old clothes to get new styles (make my own styles).


And spend money in traveling more than shopping more. ( But sometimes i buy new clothes for traveling!! LOL 😀 )

Don’t TRY THIS at home!! LOL 😀

*Picture from pinterest


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