Social Media Addicition

I have to admit it.. nowadays.. it’s difficult for me to live without social media. (oopsss.. :p)

As long as i can remember, my first social media was “Friendster” in 2004 or 2005. Then “Facebook” in 2007. And now.. i have a lot of account in my mobile phone (brb, checking my phone).

I have “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Path”, “Pinterest”, “Instagram”, and “Google+”. 😀

And for chatting i used “WhatsApp”, “Line”, “Yahoo Messenger”, “Skype”, “Telegram”, and “Kakaotalk” (altough i don’t use all of them to chatting) 😀

I consider my blog (wordpress) as one of my social media too. 😀

For almost all people in this world, social media are used to be the place to posting many things. Posting a status, posting a photo, posting video, posting some information, posting a humor, or selling some products. Nowadays appear new term of marketing, you can call it a social media marketing (selling product using social media like facebook, twitter or instagram, etc).

For me, i separate my social media with it function. For example (and explanation) below:

  • I use my facebook account to play games! I repeated it!! GAMES!! LOL . Last year, I used to posting status, videos, photos, or information in my facebook account. Laughing at old photos and ugly faces that get (unwanted) tags between my friends, enjoying chatting with my friends.  But honestly, there’s too much false information and news in facebook right now. More people don’t seek the truth first but keep reposting it all over again. And because of that, somehow i don’t use facebook to post anymore. Geezz.. 
  • I use my twitter account to get the fastest information. With twitter i get to know more information. Effective timeline with no picture. I can get traffic information, or information about the place i want to visit. But now.. i don’t used my twitter account as much as last year because almost all of my friends don’t use twitter anymore. And too much twitter bot and spammer in twitter. Hemmssss…
  • I use my path account as my main social media right now (like all my friends do). With path i can post status, song that i’m listening, book that i’m reading, movie that i’m watching, post and tag a picture, check in some places, and posting videos. It almost like facebook, but it can’t posting an album.
  • I use my instagram account to posting photos and videos. Sometimes i post a 30 days photos challenge. I follow some people and some artist (following some people can cause an envy disease!! hahaha ^o^). I also use another account to sell second stuff item. In my country right now, instagram used by mostly people to sell their products. And endorse (ads by an artists) is so hits. Now i get bored to surfing in instagram home. Too much product, too much ads, and too much fraud cases because of selling in instagram, and too much fake followers.
  • I use my pinterest account to search picture, diy craft pictures, cute pictures, drawing, design interior, and many picture that i can pin and re-pin and so on.
  • I use my google + account as a.. um i’m not using that anymore… :p

And i don’t link my social media account one with another. I always post different picture in instagram and path, i also don’t like posting same status in facebook and twitter. I manage myself to use my social media separately. Most people link their social media account one with another. So when i open facebook i saw her picture, when i open twitter i saw her picture (same picture), and when i open path i saw her picture again, when i open instagram i saw her picture again with the same tittle. And then.. i slam my mobile phone to the floor!!! (just in my imagination.. 😀 ). Consider that i fell disturb looking at the same photos and status in different social media account. I choose not to do that (not to disturb other people with my picture). 😀 

So, i can call it an addiction if i open it everyday right? Yeah! Sometimes i stuck in my mobile phone just to get more socialized every single day. There’s a lot of things i can do it with my social media account. But in my opinion, as long as i don’t abandon my real life it still consider normal nowadays (what a weird measurement). As long as i don’t lie about my life in social media it still count as normal. (I had a friend who lied in social media, he show off about his life but actually in real life he’s not like the way he post it in his social media). Too many people lying about their life in social media, show off, and make a fraud in social media. I think that’s the bad side of social media addiction. People want to get fame instantly, people who feel free to speak but hurting someone else (freedom that hurting another people), people that bully, false information about big issues in all over the world, and many other bad side from social media.

Every little thing had two sides! Which side do you choose? 

Use your social media account wisely.. there always be a good way to use social media.. 🙂


Ps: Follow my social media account at my left below this blog.. :p


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