The Flash Season 1

“Run Barry! Run!” (I’m really like how dr. *evil* wells say it to Barry)

The Flash Season 1
Actually.. i just finished watch The Flash Season 1.. and waiting for the season 2 in this October!! 🙂
I think The Flash Season 1 is pretty good. (I watch 23 episodes in just 1 week.. haha :D)

Eventhough a lot of people think that Barry was too skinny for a hero. But i think it was ok because he always run!! (daily run makes someone skinny right?? Haha!!)
Iris… nothing special from her (from her appearance and her character). I don’t know what reason Barry longed her for many years. And why Eddie loves her so much.
Joe.. a good father indeed.
Eddie.. his voice remind me of castiel in supernatural. Haha 😀 (not pay attentiom in his character).
Cisco and Caitli.. my favorite character in this film. Smart, funny, and help Barry of course.
Dr. *evil* Wells.. i always like the smart antagonist character. And he’s Super Zuper Smart!!!! And the way he talks always support Barry. And he’s misterious too.

And the one things that i still don’t understand about this film was why there’s 3 Barry in the past?? (Small Barry, Barry from now, and Barry from the future) *spoiler alert*. It say that Eobard Thawne was from 136 years next in the future. So.. why Barry still alive in that future?? I’m still confuse! And why the future Barry knows that the present Barry hide there and give sign not to help his mother?? And if Eddie Thawne die *spoiler alert again* it should change all over the future and it should change them too.

Aggghhh i’m just curious about the next season!!! 😀


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