About the Star

Okay!! Now in my 11th posts, i will explain about my blog’s name.

Maruhoshi was came from —–>

  1. Maru (my name was Margaretha and in Japan you can call my name Maru-ga-re-ta that’s where i got Maru)
  2. Hoshi from Japanese language which mean star

So, why i choose star?

I really like star, i had some clothes with star’s pattern, and had many star’s accessories. 

But unfortunately, in my City where i lived in, it’s difficult to see a starry skies in the night. This is because of the light pollution. There’s so many lights in the night came from houses, buildings, street lamps, light of vehicles, and many more. sometimes i just see one or two stars in my place. It so sad. 😦

But, i can see the starry skies when i went to vacation to some island near my city. The name of the island is “Thousand Island” because of too many island there, so to make it easy people there call it “Thousand Island”. And of course the “Thousand Island” divided into a lot of small islands. I already visit the “Tidung Island”, “Pramuka Island”, and “Pari Island”. 

The common of “Thousand Island” is the island was just too small so you can go around the island using bicycle in just less an hour. And in that island they’re not using so many light in night neither street lamp. So At night, you can go cycling without street lamp (they guide us with lamp from motorcycle tailing us), hearing the ocean wave on your side, and see the starry skies upon your head! Really amazing and unforgettable moment!! That’s the first time i fall in love to the star!! 😀

Reaching the star

Okay.. i’ll post another article about star. 🙂

Picture from pinterest


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