Picky Eater (am i??)

Do you like banana? emmm nope!

Do you eat mango? emmm i don’t eat mango!

Do you want this bell pepper?? emmm indeed no!!

I can eat a lot of kind of food, but actually i’m a little bit a picky eater (am i??) haha 😀

I can eat so many kinds of vegetables like spinach, mustard, kale, cabbage, broccoli, carrot, corn (corn is actually a vegetable, grain, and a fruit..wow!!), lettuce, potato (just fried potato), bean sprout, onion, scallions/leeks, green bean, long bean, radish/turnip, cassava leaves, petai/bitter bean, etc.

I don’t like the taste of these vegetables: tomato (technically it’s a fruit but used as a vegetable in cooking), bell pepper, eggplant, jengkol (also known as Archidendron pauciflorum or dog fruit), and some other but actually i still can eat those vegetables if i don’t have a choice to eat it. 😦

I also can eat many kind of mushrooms.

But for fruit i just eat the watery fruit. HAHA 😀 But there’s a reason of that, in 2011 i got some chronic gastritis disease. i lost 6 kilograms in 6 month without doing nothing! I always feel sick when i eat some fruit so i just can eat these kind of fruits: apple, orange, pear, watermelon, melon, grape, and longan. I definitely can’t eat lemon, jackfruit, papaya, durian, guava, avocado, mango, and many more fruit. So, until now i just eat watery fruits even though my disease already cure . 🙂

In the beginning of 2015 i start to learn how to cook by myself. This is for the sake of surviving our (me and my husband) life!! HAHA 😀 I can’t cook and i’m lazy to learn how to cook before i got married and moved to my husband’s house. But after marriage it will cost a lot to buy a full meal like breakfast, lunch and dinner rather than cook the ingredients by myself.

And now! from can’t cook a bowl of rice with a rice cooker become can cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! (proud of myself!) I can cook a simple breakfast with bread and egg or salad, a lunch with a bowl of rice, vegetables soup, and some fried, a heavy dinner like fried rice, vegetable stir-fry and fruit juice. (oh.. now i know why i gain 55 kg now!! akkkkssss!!!)

I’m not a pro in cooking (yet, maybe someday i will) and actually i’m afraid of getting splash with coking oil (it hurts!!), but after i cook my meal by my self, i can reduce my picky eater habit little by little. Now i can eat tomato and potato in chicken soup, i also can eat bean sprout, and many more foods. I become more appreciate to my meal (please don’t throw away your meal, there’s a lot of people in this world that can’t eat the proper meals) and my mom (remembering how she cook my meals for her entire life! Thanks mom!!) 😀

So. from now on.. i will improve my cooking skill!! yeay! 😀


pic from pinterest


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