Collecting Jar of Photos.. (LOL)

Before this.. i already mentioned about my hobbies..

  1. To read a book (novel and comics too)
  2. To watch movie, reality show, drama (especially Korean and Japanese drama)
  3. To Scrapbooking

And now… my fouth hobby is collecting photos!! >_<

Eventhough i’m a “B” type (blood type), i’m not that kinda messy person (like the book said). I’m more an organize person. I’m organize well my things (my books, my clothes, my crafting equipment, my bag, my shoes, etc) i even organize well my soft copy items (movies, songs, pictures, works files, anything that got into my laptop or hard disc). 

When in college, my friend confuse how can i arrange my bag so well? And then i answered, it’s because I want to search anything more faster and i don’t like the messy appearance. I organize my bag since in kindergarten until now. Arranging my bag’s content would make me easier to search anything i need. 

Okay.. back again to photos. I like to taking picture and i like to print out the picture as a memorial of that moment. You can’t create again the same moment, but you can remembering the moment by taking photos or videos. And someday you’ll gotta be missed that moment. So, photo for me was capturing the moment. And be thankful for that moment. 

I like take a picture with my smartphone, my pocket camera, or maybe my SLR Camera (my husband actually), and for additional i like to take picture with instax camera (i’m using instax mini 25s). The instax camera can give me the print out instantly (sometimes it’s not perfect and it’s not as good as SLR Camera but sometimes it gives me some happy feelings). And i like to print out my photos in photo studios and collecting the photos in album or just make it into scrapbook or scrapframe.

20151028_144128        img1446018411055

My mini instax and my instax Album  

img1446018613180            img1446018717646

My Hand Made Scrapbook (2013 – 2014 Album Photos)

I always smile when i see my old photos, remembering how struggling i’m until now, feel blessed and thankful so i can see these photos with smile. Missing the old moment in many places that i’ve been visited. Missing the old friends and another family’s members. Photos can bring the moment back. 🙂


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