Ujung Kulon National Park

I really go to Ujung Kulon National Park this October!! Yeay!! >_<

It was really a great place with a great beach!

20151017_154005  1445166667889

About National Park of Ujung Kulon, located at the westernmost tip of Java, within Banten province of Indonesia. It includes the volcanic island group of Krakatoa in Lampung province, and other islands including Panaitan, as well as smaller offshore islets such as Handeuleum and Peucang in the Sunda Strait. (from wiki)

My group stayed at place that we called it the “Barak” in Peucang Island. The Barak have 4 rooms with each room can accommodate 8 – 10 persons just for sleep. The bathroom was outside the barak, and prepare to be welcomed by monkeys, deer, and wild boar. LOL

IMG_3361   20151017_153450

The peucang island itself was an uninhabited island, but some people lived there as a conservation worker. In Peucang we can tracking through the forest to see a gigantic tree (an ara tree) and we can go to the top of rocks named karang copong.

20151018_061028     IMG_3565

We also can snorkling and canoeing (at handeleum river) and tracking to padang gembala Cidaon


It really a great place for back to nature, relaxing a bit from town, breathe the fresh air, feel the breeze of the sea, enjoying your self in nature. 😀

And an additional info about Ujung Kulon: Ujung Kulon stands as the last known refuge for the critically endangered Javan rhinoceros after poachers killed the last remaining rhino in Cát Tiên National Park of Vietnam, where a small population of 10 or less remained back in 2010. In Ujung Kulon the population has been estimated at 40-60 in the 1980s. Within 2001-2010 there have been 14 rhino births identified using camera and video traps. Based on recordings taken between February and October 2011, 35 rhinoceros have been identified, of which 22 were males and 13 females. Of these 7 were old, 18 adults, 5 youngsters, and 5 infant rhinos. Increasing from previous years, in 2013 there were 8 calves which 3 of them were female and 50 teenage and adult which 20 of them were female identifying using 120 video cameras functioning at night with moving sensor. It was accurate data, because every rhino has unique morphology as finger print, mainly skin wrinkles around the eyes.

Unfortunately we can’t see the rhinos because they hide in the deep of forest and we had to camp there at least one week to see them. 😦

But i’m satisfied enough because of the view.. 😀



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