From Single to Married

Today was my first wedding anniversary!! ^o^//

Wow!! Time really flew so fast!!! I even don’t do anything in one year of my Marriage!! HAHA 😀

In my country, every woman have their due date to married. it’s more something like society pressure than primary needs! “You are already 25? Why don’t you get married??” It always been the same question for a woman in my country. And even after married, the question won’t stop! “Why don’t you have a child yet? Don’t postpone your pregnancy!” And so on. And so on. Even now a lot my friends already had 2-3 children. And the judgement for the woman who not married yet or not had a child yet still continue.

Some things that people are not realizes that it’s not easy for some women in my country to married because of the religion, the race, the difference of age, the economic issues, the family issues, and many more!! Marriage is not just about loving each other! It won’t go well with just love. And we had to respect some people who don’t want to get married at all. And we had to feel empathy to those women who not meet with their soulmate yet or who don’t have a child yet (children are from God, so please don’t say it like it’s easy to have a baby, you just have to wait the bird who delivered the baby!!). 

Maybe i don’t deserve to tell that because i’m just married for one year (and i don’t have a child yet), but my relationship’s age was 6 years until now. I’m dating my boyfriend (which is my husband now) for 5 years. And with one year marriage, we make a 6 (six) years in total of togetherness. 🙂

Marriage is not easy at all. And i know that before i decided to get married! (That’s why i need 5 years to married) :p

These are the differences from single to married (for my version):

  1. Single: My relationship to God was my private connection, Married: We have to be one voice and had one connection to GOD (husband and wife was one body and one soul)
  2. Single: Had own financial freedom (freedom to shop and buy anything..haha), Married: Join financial and lose freedom and also had to make priority list (no more shopping girl 😦 )
  3. Single: Don’t worry about cooking or anything about home needs or anything about cleaning and washing when i already had a super mom, Married: fighting to become a super wife and super mom (tiresome)
  4. Single: Egoist all the time, Married: keep the team work all the time or we’ll gonna lose more plates! uh oh!
  5. Single: With family now, Married: Building new family now and forever!
  6. Single: hangout with friends, Married: still hang out with my friends!! HAHA 😀
  7. Single: at night when i sleep by myself i feel peace, Married: at night when i sleep by my self i feel lonely 😦

I guess these five points were my struggle issues for one year in my first year of my marriage life! Sometimes i thought about why i bother want to married when the things get more difficult. And then i answered it myself ‘because i get more happier eventhough it get more difficult than being single! I’m happy to lived with my husband! I’m feel grateful to God for teaching me so much lesson in my life (but please be kind for me dear God) 🙂


2008 before dating


2010 First year dating


2011 out of the town for the first time

2012-05-02 17.33.32

2012 Watch L’arc~en~ciel concert

2013-01-18 17.01.48

2013 In Mall


2014 Go with nature


2015 After Married.. bicycling together

DSC_1130       DSC_1117

Our Marriage in Nov 2014

ps: Love you dear husband.. and happy anniversary! >_<



4 thoughts on “From Single to Married

      1. Buset..udah kaya aer yak butekkk .. 😀
        Yahh ada bagusnya berguru pada suhu2 yang jago dendong..
        *tebelin dempul muka*
        di badan keliatan banget ini.. setiap ketemu nia selalu dicubitin di berbagai tempat… aksss…. 😦 😦


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