Getting back to Work!!

I’m officially off the work at 22th November 2014. And then i’m getting back to work in 23th November 2015!! Wowh!! Indeed one year of freedom! Haha! 😀

What i mean a work is a work at office. And in my off time, i work too but at home helping my husband’s jobs (he works as a freelancer, an IT freelancer). In this one year, i learn new things of jobs, meeting new people from many fields. Enjoying new places (borneo). Challenging myself with new things! And challenging myself to take care of myself and my husband (house works i mean). 

Working at office now is not a permanent choice of my life. I just got a chance to work near at my home and work in new field (trying a new field would be fun!!). It’s not a big office with a high building and a lot of workers, it just a small office and not so many workers in there, but the most important thing is the location near at my home. Traffic jam is really a big issues in my country. And it really stressful to commuting between home and office for 2 hours in minimum. We’re wasting our time in the road between home and office (i do it for 7 years!!) 😦

My dream job is having one (or more) rental bookstore with a small restaurant or maybe a small store that selling craft things and cute things. Hopefully i can make that dream come true in my 40 age. (pray!) 🙂

I also had a dream job to run an agent travel. Work and travelling would be really nice huh? :p Someday! I don’t know when! 

So, what about your dream job? Working at a big office with a lot of workers? Work in a nice and cozy place? Work that provide to travelling? Job that had a high salary? Job that provide your hobby? 

Tell me more! 😀


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