I lost my wallet (sad)


Yesterday, i lost my wallet! 😦 So sad…

I lost it in the train station. I’m not so sure if i drop it or it stolen by pickpocket. But more than 75% possibility it stolen by pickpocket. 😦

This is my second time losing my wallet. First time was when i’m in college using public bus. I’m losing my id card and my bank card. And this is the second time i lose my wallet (oh no!) 2003 to 2015. Sh**! 

My losses are: money (IDR 220.000, id card, bank card (2), credit card (3), tax card, insurance card, membership card, picture, sd card, etc). The losses is not about the money but also about the time and effort to restore those cards back!

And now i’m rethink about how careless i am.. 😦

Recap my memory, there was 4 times i’m losing my mobile phone!

  1. In College 2003 –> Nokia 5210 (on public bus by pickpocket)
  2. In College 2004 –> Nokia 8210 (on public vehicle by pickpocket)
  3. 2009 –> Samsung Galaxy Star (at mall by pickpocket)
  4. 2013 –> Ipod 4th gen (drop somewhere when using a motorcycle)


But pickpocket always be a big issue in every country. Eventhough i’m trying to be cautious in public vehicle and area but sometimes it just a matter of  split second then it’s gone!! 

And so… after doing some introspection in my mind now, i decided to be more careful about my wallet and my mobile phone, also about my things… Sometimes the losses can’t be replaced by money.

And after having some conversation with my friends, a lot of my friends had the same issues like i do. Losing wallet, mobile phone, music player, bank card or id card even losing a laptop, because of some careless act and because of pickpocket.

We have to be more careful start from right now… 🙂

Or maybe we can use some technology like this below!! HAHA 😀


-pics are from pinterest

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