On Budget Wedding??

Some of my best friends will having their wedding party this year in 2016. And some of them had requested me to make an article about my wedding.

I have to admitted that wedding party is one of the expensive party that exist in this world!!! HAHAHA 😀

It’s like you spend all your years saving for just in one day!! T.T and my savings actually was for travelling to Japan and Seoul. Hiks so sad.. 😥

Me and My husband was not came from a wealth and big family. We’re just an engineer and a programmer who works at office and our salary just enough for us in daily life. So, i guess it’s a big challenge for us to arrange a wedding party. (Not like our friends who held a big and nice wedding party because their have their benefactors which is their parents). We can’t depend on our parents. We just want to held our own simple wedding party. (our wedding party held in November 1th, 2014)

First of all, because of i’m a catholic, we have to prepare our marriage start from the church. We have to attend a Marriage Preparation Course for 2 days in the beginning of 2014. The course itself explain about marriage from many aspect like from bible, from health, from economy, from our culture, and many more. After finishing the course we get a certificate that become one of requirements to applying a marriage in church.

Okay! Back to budget, after strolling around in wedding expo, we realize that expense for a marriage is very expensive!!! Here are the list that i should pay for a marriage.

  1. The Bridal (include wedding dress and suit, make up and hair do, hand bouquet and also pre wedding package)
  2. Hall or restaurant for the wedding party (including the catering and the decoration)
  3. The Wedding Ring
  4. Photographer for the Wedding Day
  5. The Wedding Car
  6. The Wedding cake
  7. Expenditure for the church (administration, decoration, flower, the choir, the offering, security, etc)
  8. Administration fee for registrar
  9. Party Dress and suits for family and friends (plus the make up)
  10. Shoes for the bride and the groom (i really don’t have an expensive shoes to go to party)
  11. The invitation card
  12. Wedding Souvenir

These are the list just for a simple wedding party!! So many!! ^^’

So we have two option to held our wedding party!

  1. Looking for the vendor one by one and sum up the expense
  2. Took the one stop wedding package 

What is one stop wedding package? It’s a package from the wedding Organizer including the bridal, the dress and suit, make up and hair do, wedding car, parents dresses, make up and hair do, pre wedding photo shoot and the photo, photographer for the wedding day, also the hall and the decoration and catering, and don’t forget the wedding cake. 

But because of some reason, i cancelled the one stop wedding package and held some simple lunch in the church hall. Here is the price in IDR at below

before after

Okay!! Let’s analyze this.. the before and after prize don’t have a huge gap. It’s because i can’t fully cancelled the bridal. So the most expensive expense was the bridal. Because It’s including the wedding dress with my size and become my own. I just want to wear a simple short wedding dress so i just have only option to use this bridal. ( i already search the bridal that can make the wedding dress and this one that can fulfill that). So i guest it’s the cheapest bridal i can get. But to make an on budget wedding, you can search the cheaper bridal.

IMG_9409  IMG_9429  (a rented dress from the bridal)

IMG_9541  IMG_9524 (own outfit)

DSC_1117 DSC_0429 (Make Up and Hair do)

And about the wedding car i got it free because it’s my best friend’s car (HAHA) i just need to go to flower shop and get a decoration on it :D, i also make my own invitation card and print in at the printing press, i also make my own wedding website. 

DSC_0735 (The Wedding Car and The Simple Wedding Dress)

My wedding party just a small celebration party fill with family and best friends, 120 people in my estimation. It’s not big and wowh! (actually, in the first place i don’t want to held a wedding party). But i feel so blessed because i can celebrate my wedding party with my family and my best friends!! ^o^/

DSC_1108  DSC_1106

DSC_1028 DSC_1081

DSC_0598 DSC_1005 

And when you tired to wear a high heels.. just wear wakai!! wahahaha (adv)


  😀 😀 😀 😀


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