Hemms…i’m not a brand minded, but everyone had their own favorite brand right?

The truth is, i’m not that kind of person who buy a branded item. I only buy item that fit in my taste (my weird taste) :p

My style now (in my 30’s) is really different with my old style (20’s). I already explain it in my old post. I used to be a tomboy in my 20’s. Just wearing a cargo pants, a shirt, a backpack, and sneakers also don’t forget the cap. I’m not a stylish person because i’m lazy to buy clothes (it’s better for me to use the money to buy a comic book). But along with the growing of my age, my money of course, and my situation, i’m trying to be a little bit stylish.

From 22 – 30’s age was like a try and error experience to be a stylish person! HAHA! I still laugh when i see my old pictures and i’m still confuse what on earth i can pick that kind of outfit??  😀 😀 😀

So now, here i am. I like a simple style. I divided my style in some circumstances. When i need to go to office i wear a formal suit like cotton pants and blouse, when i need to hang out with friends i wear a casual outfit like jeans and t shirt, when i need to go to party i wear a dress (simple dress), and so on.

So, what is uniqlo?? Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. In creating its clothing lines, Uniqlo embraces both shun and kino-bi. Shun [旬] means ‘timing, best timing, but also at the same time it’s a trend,’ something that’s updated and just in time, neither early nor late. The company offers clothing basics, but basics that are current, that respond to what’s going on today in art and design. Kino-bi [機能美] means function and beauty, joined together: the clothing is presented in an organized, rational manner, and that very organization and rationality creates an artistic pattern and rhythm. All these qualities reflect the defining characteristics of modern Japanese culture, modern Japaneseness (from wikipedia). Uniqlo opened its first store in Indonesia at Lotte Shopping Avenue in 2013. They currently have 8 stores in Indonesia mostly in the Jakarta and its surrounding area (Tangerang and Bekasi).

And why i love uniqlo brand? It’s not just i’m a fans of Japan itself but the main reason is it’s fit perfectly in me for their pants products!! I don’t know what’s wrong with my thigh, but i’m difficult to find a pants that fit me well (the case is always fit my thigh but too big for my waist or fit my waist but too tight at my thigh). I desperate when have to buy a new pants (jeans or formal pants). And if i open my dresser now, i only find a uniqlo pants (from jeans, formal pants, jegging, legging) HAHA 😀

I know that their price a little bit to high, but you still can buy it when their store give a big discount for the late model or for grand opening event or for some another event like Christmas event (i think their store always give a discount). And still you’ll be satisfied with the quality of the product and their simplicity features. 😀 😀


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