Bookworm’s Heaven

Last Month, i’m gone over budget at my books budgeting. That’s because there’s two event for book’s lovers in nearby time.

  1. Big Bad Wolf @ ICE, BSD (30 April – 8 May 2016), at 5 – 8 May 2016 open for 24 hour!! (Holys**t)
  2. Gramedia Event for National Book’s Day (17-19 May 2019), disc 30% for all books using BNI Cards at all over Gramedia Bookstore in Indonesia.

So, do you know about the Big Bad Wolf?? Big Bad Wolf is a book sale event who provide around 1.5 millions books (mostly an import books) with affordable prices. This is the first event in Indonesia (usually in Malaysia) and the reason why the BBW held in Indonesia (Jakarta) was to boost or to increase the read interest in Indonesia. Based on some survey, in 61 countries, Indonesia place the 60th place for read interest. Or in other word, between 1000 people only 1 who had read interest. (WHAT?? SERIOUSLY??).

But when i go to BBW at ICE that time, there’s a mass people who are very enthusiastic to go there. The place was full of people! The books was mess all around the places!! (really confuse and not sure what i’m looking for there haha :D). So, i guess our read interest rate increase a little bit right?? :p

BBW provides many types of books like child book, fantasy and novel, photography book, cooking book, crafting book, coloring books, motivation book, travelling book, etc. There’s only 5% books in Indonesian language and it’s definitely not from Gramedia Pustaka Umum. And for their import books don’t expecting you’ll get the new published book but i guess a lot of interesting title available there.

Inside the Big Bad Wolf @ICE BSD 
The Books i bought there

Gramedia, everybody in Indonesia knows about Gramedia right? Gramedia Bookstore is an Indonesian bookstore retailer owned by Kompas Gramedia. It was established on February 1970 with the beginning of a small bookstore in West Jakarta. Now the bookstore has grown to 99 stores across cities in Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition to providing books, Gramedia also offers a variety of other products, such as stationery, office supplies, and sports equipment. Gramedia also have an online store at

Gramedia always held many event like discount or something to increase the purchase interest (i’m not saying the read interest). For me it will be very profitable because i always buy comic/manga at gramedia bookstore (comic/manga is a must read/buy for me). Beside the discount event, i already made a gramedia member card so i can get 10% discount and point when i buy GPU’s books. 🙂

Book from Gramedia Event

Nb: I borrowed my friend’s Card to get 30% discount! :p

Waiting for another book event!! >_<


10 thoughts on “Bookworm’s Heaven

    1. Yahh yun… kalo kamu kesini dijamin pasti kalap!! 100%!! >__<
      Tapi yah ini kan karena baru pertama jadi animonya juga masih oke…
      Kalau nanti yang kedua..dst..dst.. ga tau deh… hihihihi

      But, why you don't come to Jakarta eh BSD that day?? 😀


      1. Kayanya kalapn Geth, diskon 15 persen aja kalap.
        Because I was so busy saving money for two weeks South Korea travel. 😀
        Terus udh ajah.


      2. Much Lesser than 8 geth. Minus return plane’s tickets. It could be much lesser than that if didn’t buy those expensive yet cute cosmetics, i’ll talk about it later. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Please post it about that..
        I really wanna know the price comparison for their cosmetics with our cosmetics 😀😀😀
        I got so many kind of cosmetics from my friend who had traveled to seoul..
        And i often watched channel m or kbs about how nice, useful, and cheaper cosmestic in seoul.. 😆😆😆


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