DIY Sand and Shell Jar

Back to another DIY project!! After scrapbook and scrapframe project, i decided to make another diy project. In 2013 i already make some souvenirs from my vacation to Gili Trawangan Island (it’s something like a little bottle fill with sand and small shell and a message to my best friends).

And remembering of that tiny bottle, suddenly i want to make a new diy project using another sands and shells (i got it from Belitong and Krakatoa this year) and a jar (after make some online research for a while, i decided to use a pudding jar).

This is a very simple diy project and everyone can do it. All you have to do just…

  1. Have a vacation to nearest beach (any beach can do)
  2. Collect the sands and shells in the bottle (any kind of bottle can do, plastic is much better) but consider the size of the shells that you want it to put in the jar.
  3. Don’t forget to have fun at the beach :p
  4. Please dry the sand and the shells
  5. Prepare the jar (buy it online and wait until the jar arrive)
  6. Clean the jars from the dust and keep it dry
  7. Insert the sands sufficiently first and then continue to put the shells in (try to make it look good from outside)
  8. If it’s not look good, it’s fine! Just put it randomly.. forget about the esthetic.. 😀 😀
  9. To make the jar looks prettier, please add some washi tape, stickers, or another embellishment in the jar (i use some edelweis flower)
  10. Give the jar a label as an information where do you get the sands and don’t forget to add the year of your journey
  11. Last step, put the jars in the place you want (i put it and my bookshelf) and take a picture!! 😀 😀

FINISH!!! Just as simple as that, you can do it with your kids too.. 

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Here is the Sand Jar… 


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