Losing Best Friends

I’m a little bit feeling down today (maybe because of my period.. haha :p what an alibi).


(OST by Charlie Puth feat Selena Gomez “We don’t talk anymore)

So, i want to post something that bothering me for so long (but i just ignored it), about Losing Best Friends…

Someone tell me that, a woman will lose her two best friends (i don’t know why it has to be just two) when she’s fall in love with man. After i rethink about that, it’s not just a man factor who can make a woman lose their best friends. Another factors like marriage, having babies, not so suitable anymore (in hobby and ideology), not in one region anymore, because of money, because of religion, and many more.


I’ve experienced some.. when i lose my best friends in college because we already graduated, we work at different region, we’re busy at each other stuff, some friends got married and had baby, and we just stopped talking.. And when i lose some of my best friends at work when i resign and never go to that place again, and we just stopped talking…


When i’m with my best friends, i feel so excited (in positive way), i feel happy, and i feel no fear.


I know that changes do happens, people change when they meet someone new, or people change into new person because of many things in their life, people change to be a better person. But i think friendship is something we should keep maintain or it we’ll be end slowly.


I want to keep positive about my friendship, eventhough sometimes it’s difficult. I’m notย always be a good friend to my best friends. I do make some mistakes too, and i feel sorry about that. Please forgive me..I also forgive you my friend..


I feel that my best friends were a big part of my self. They’re become my shelter, my home, a place to share my feeling, a place where i feel so blessed, a place to share laugh and tears.


Some people said that if you’re not losing friends, it means you don’t grow up. But i still thought that real friends never leave. We’ll be best friends until we got old and had grandchild..


To my soul sisters, please remember that i’ll be always there for you, no matter how i had a husband and children. No matter how far our distance. Because you’re part of me… Just don’t stopped talking to each other..




10 thoughts on “Losing Best Friends

      1. Iyups.. karena dengan bertambahnya usia pasti kan temen kita jg ada prioritas.. entah menikah.. urus anak.. karir.. lalu pas anak udah pada besar.. dan kita udah pada keriput.. balik lagi deh jadi rombongan the tante’s nanti bisa jalan2 bareng.. wakakak ๐Ÿ˜€


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