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Today is my last day work before i got a full week of holiday!! Yeay!! (holiday regarding Idul Fitri day). Can you smell the breeze of vacation?? *sniff-sniff* :p

And, because of i got a plenty of day off.. i’m just gonna fill it with watching tv series!! HAHA πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Hey! Don’t say that i only watch korean and japanese drama. I do watch american TV series too!! πŸ˜€

Okay… these are the TV series that i think worth to watch (beside korean drama of course). Please keep mind that i’m an FFF.. (Fantasy and Funny Fans) :p

  1. SupernaturalsupernaturalSupernatural (season 11 until now) wowh! a lot of season! I watched supernatural season 1 in my college up until now. Phew!! 11 years!! Supernatural is about 2 brothers Dean (the big bro) and Sam (the lil bro) who had to defend this world from supernatural force. Demon and Angel was real, monster and urban legend was real too, and any kind of supernatural things was real. I start watch this tv series because of the handsomeness from the two brothers :p and i don’t know why i still keep up the track with this series. But bromance is always interesting to watch right?? πŸ˜€
  2. Teen Wolfteen wolfTeen Wolf (season 5 until now). This TV series start from 2011. But i start watched it in Sony channel at 2015. I always fond about wolf or werewolf (i’m a tim jacob indeed in twilight saga), so i interested to watch teen wolf. Teen wolf TV series is about a teen name Scott who got bit by a werewolf so he become a werewolf. And because of the story it about a bunch of teens in their high school, so a little matter is a big matter for them (miss my high school time). In this TV series, we can see friendship and love. We also can see many kind of creature (besides a lot of werewolf).
  3. The ArrowarrowArrow (season 4 until now). I watch this TV series because a friend of mine recommend it to me (she knows i like to watch anything). Arrow is about Oliver Queen a billionaire playboy who got lost in mysterious island and change his life from playboy to vigilante superhero. His body and muscles surely good to look at! HAHA πŸ˜€ This series had so much intrigue about good or evil, and i can’t stop counting how many woman who had slept with Ollie… :p . The fun thing in this TV series is sometimes it’s connected to the flash TV series.
  4. The Flashthe flashThe Flash (season 2 until now), i already posting about Barry i mean the flash in my earlier post. The flash is simple about how to defeat the bad guy with running, yeah.. Barry love to run. The bad guy in The Flash TV series often had some superpower and Barry The Flash had to defeat them with his one and only power (running), kind of ironic!! :p
  5. Sherlock Holmessherlock holmesSherlock Holmes (season 3.1, waiting for season 4), this is a uk tv series. And i always love to watch a detective movie (because of Meitantei Conan Manga of course). I’m one of a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch too :). This TV series is about Sherlock and his partner Watson who working on cases (murder, and another bad case) try to figure the cases and about Sherlock VS Moriarty (an intense mind fighting between them).
  6. YoungerΒ youngerYounger (season 2 until now), younger is about a 40 year old woman named Liza who fake her age into 26 year old to get a job because she’s divorced and a single mother. She’s also got a boyfriend (26 year old), and it’s kinda fun to see how she’s facing her situation because of her lies.
  7. Bad Judgebad judgeBad Judge (only 1 season),the next season was cancelled because of some protest from the lawyer. This TV series is about Rebecca who work as The Judge but act crazy like whatever she want (music, clothes, attitude, sex) but she’s a pretty fair judge. It’s one of American sitcom.
  8. CrowdedcrowdedCrowded (only 1 season), a family sitcom. About Mike and Martina who want to enjoy their time alone in romantic until their daughters and parents get back and live again at their house. Simple story about family but very enjoyable. πŸ˜€
  9. Dr. Kendr. kenDr. Ken (season 1 until now) is an american sitcom about doctor named Kendrick Park (half American half Korean, or a Korean people who had lived in America). The interesting story about Dr. Ken is we can see his daily life in work (hospital) and in home (with his wife and his unique kids). So, we got a work and family series in one set.
  10. Super Storesuper storeSuper Store (season 1 until now), another american sitcom about some people who work at Cloud 9 (a mini mart). This TV series describe many kind of people with their own characteristic who work together. Sometimes awkward and sometimes like chaos. But it’s fun to watch.. πŸ˜€

Okay!! That’s it!! But actually i watched another TV series. But this TV series was a new TV series in 2015 and 2016.

You can watch it when you get bored.. πŸ˜€


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