Driving Issues in my Town

I lived between Jakarta and Bekasi City, Jakarta is the capital and most populous city in Republic of Indonesia, and Bekasi is one of the official metropolitan area known as JaBoDeTaBek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi). Jabodetabek itself was famous from their traffic jam.. ^^’ and their fierce driver.. ^^’

I don’t have any kind of vehicle before, so i choose to use public transportation or just walking from one place to another place. As a note, in my country we can use public transportation such as angkot or mikrolet (small car who often driven by reckless driver), metromini (mini bus who often driven by more reckless driver), bus patas (big bus who often driven by the same level driver like the other two), (i’m sorry but i can’t write nice opinion about public transportation’s drivers in my town). 

But the most annoying thing about driving in this big metropolitan area was the motorcycle. First of all, i do had some vehicle for myself. The first vehicle i bought it by myself was a bicycle. And it was frightening to just take a relaxed lap with bicycle in my town, besides that there’s no park in my town!!


The amount of motorcycle in my town was a lot! And i don’t know why they always in hurry mode, and maneuver all the time! (dude!!!) I always envy to see the town that friendly with bicycle user, or town that provide bicycle user needs (park, bicycle line, parking lot for bike, etc). When my home town can change to become on of those friendly town??? 

The second vehicle that i bought was a motorcycle (oh my, will i become one of them??). Because of the transportation problem from my home to my office. I start to using a motorcycle to make some efficiency in money and time. Eventhough i become one of motorcycle user, but i still frightening on the road. I can do some maneuver and speeding too, but it just because the other motorcycle don’t have enough patience to wait. i feel so pissed off when waiting for red light in some intersection road. The other motorcycle keep sounding their horn whereas the traffic light still on red light!!! arrgghh!!  

And because the attitude of the motorcycle, it also make some impact to the car driver. You have to be strong and brave enough to drive a car in Jakarta (strong to take the traffic jam and brave to face the other fierce driver). So, can you imagine our terrifying and emotional morning on the road every single day???? 😮 😮

I also can’t drive at night, my eyes always hurt when i had to see the other vehicles light. I already check my eyesight to the doctor, and it said that nerves in my eyes was weak, so i need to wear glasses, and i can’t see PC or Laptop too much. Sometimes i just thought that i should wear a black glasses to cover my eyes from light!! haha 😀 😀

At last, i consider to learn how to drive a car this year (actually, it’s one of my resolution in 2016). Actually (again) i already learn how to drive a car when i’m in senior high school. But now i completely forgot how to drive a car and had to start all over again. HAHA 😀

Someday, we’ll definitely have a personal flying vehicle


Nb: pictures from pinterest


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