Trilogy Daughter of Smoke and Bone Review

Finally, after 6 years.. the trilogy from Laini Taylor Daughter of Smoke and Bone has reached the end of story. So, this is some review from me..(sorry for making some spoiler for those who not yet read these books)

2012 –> Bought the first book Daughter of Smoke and Bone, i really enjoyed the first book. It make me had a lot of imagination about how HOT will be an angel. (also make me want to get a natural blue hair) And it’s hard for me to imagine the shape of Chimaeras (too much wacth anime) with a lot of description about their appearence (mixed up a lot of animal) so sometimes it makes me confuse and it takes time to just made the character show up in my mind. But overall it’s good. And the ending is unpredictable. 😀

It’s about a girl named Karou (who had a natural blue hair) and she works for a chimaera named Brimstone (got some hard time to finally make a vision about this man). She had a double life as human and as a supernatural worker who collected teeth in all over the world. She always questioning about herself and someday she meet an angel named Akiva. And that’s how destiny come back to her… 

2016 –> Bought the second book Days of Blood and Starlight, it’s suppose to be published in 2014, but unfortunately i don’t buy it at that time because the cover is so different from the first book, so i don’t recognize at all and finally at 2016 i can’t buy that book in all over the bookstore in my town because it’s sold out! 😦 But lucky me, i got a friend who work at publishing company as an editor and she somehow can help me to get that book! phew!! 😀 thanks friend! 

The Second book is much thick than the first one. And all over it’s about Karou who finally know “what she is” and what are destined to be in love are repeated again. This book is about Demon vs Angel that sometimes who had a face like demon but heart like angel so do the opposite. And about how Karou want to redeem her fault in past plus how Akiva fight for Karou in his own way. It will revealed slowly about another power from Akiva. And finally destiny brought they together once again to achieve the peace for the two kind of race.

2016 –> Bought the third book Dreams of Gods and Monsters. Already finished read the book last friday. Not to satisfied about the ending.

The Third book is not really make me interested to finish it at the time. It’s get a little boring in the middle and make me stop reading it. I think there’s too much unexplained things in there (especially about Akiva’s mother background and about Elisa (incarnation of a falling angel)). I like how Laini Taylor describe the romance of Akiva and Karou (not too much like another young adult novel). And i like about another character who had a happy ending too. But i think there’s so much unexplained things. And the enemy surrender too fast (i don’t get it about the bad guy in this novel, they’re too easy too kill..and i don’t got the afraid feeling from them, geez! look at Voldemort.. need 7 books to kill him… :p )

But, in my humble opinion, these books are interesting too read especially for them who loved fantasy novels (like i do).




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