When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade..

We often heard this kind of advice when we’re feeling down or when we got into ourselves in trouble… “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade..”

Okay! Honestly, i feel a little bit down recently, i feel like my life was empty and sour like a lemon. All i can see was, how happy my friends in their life. The same age of a friend of mine, had a good carrier and job, had a good and wonderful family, had a magnificent hobbies, show off about their vacation, about expensive things they’ve bought, and about how happy they are in their life. 

Meanwhile i.. struggling in my life.. about carrier, about work, about what i’m suppose to do in my 30’s? about family issues, about places that i want to visit (but i’m not able to do it right now), about lack of many things in my life, and about all kind of dissatisfaction in my life..  😦

I feel down and feel left behind from everybody.. 


But this morning, i try to wake up early, try to thinking again about my life.. try to pray to God and ask Him to help me to calm down myself. And i remember about my best friend (boom) question “okay..that’s all your complain, so is there anything you want to say thanks to God?” And i realized slowly that i should be grateful for what i had now.

It’s okay to feeling down.. i’m a human too, sometimes i bored about my life, sometimes i get myself into trouble, sometimes i feel lonely, i want to change but afraid of changes, and afraid to take a chance. Sometimes i feel that i don’t want to do anything… But i had to stop thinking about that.

And i tell my self that life is not a competition. Maybe i need more time than other to achieve that.. I need to focus now.. what i want to do with my life.. And don’t mind with other people’s life. This is my life.. 


🙂 🙂 🙂

nb: Picture form pinterest.


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