Short Escape to Sangiang

Sangiang is an island midway in the Sunda Strait between the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java. Administratively it is a part of Banten province of western Java. We can get there 45 minutes from Anyer with small boat.

Welcome to Sangiang

Sangiang was the new open trip destination in 2016, and it’s pretty popular because Sangiang provide Nature Tourism like hiking and forest sightseeing, Marine Tourism like snorkling and diving, Cultural Tourism. Or we can just relaxing at the beach and enjoying the view with waves backsounds. And we can do it just in one day (beneficial for people who busy enough and just wanna had a short escape to see the nature).

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  1. Bat’s Cave –> this is the first time i go to bat’s cave (my first thought about bat’s cave was batman.. haha :p ) it has a weird smell at first.. and i can hear the sound of wave and of the bats… but i can’t see any kind of bat’s appearance there..
  2. View from the top of Sangiang Island
  3. Try to snorkling (with heavy and big wave) :p
  4. Small boat to reach Sangiang..
For me.. Sangiang is just another place to relaxing myself at the beach.. 🙂



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