The World from Behind my Back

Actually, i want to post a story about my last trip to Dieng, (i don’t really favor a mountain as a place i want to visit, but because of the urge to travel inside me was against my will, so i decided to go) but somehow i ended up posting about my journeys for all these years.

Since a little, i want to travel a lot, but i don’t know why i ended up born in a family who don’t like to travel and they forbid me to travel, i even can’t  go to sleep over at my friend’s house..

Until 2010 when i’m 24 years old, i’m already become an employee in an office, i finally got my first chance to travel from office outing. Since then.. i feel like i have to travel as many as possible, i have to see another place, i have to feel another seasons, i have to understand another culture, God don’t create the different culture, different races, different places, different seasons, without any reasons right? I think God wants us to travel, to see and feel another life. So we can feel thank you for all His grace to us. 🙂

Anyway, this is my journey.. journey to find my self..

What about your journey? 😀


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