Throwback Times: Best Friend’s Wedding Day

So happy to see her in her Big Day.. Congratz.. 

This us.. been best friends since 2001 until now..16 years and still counting

The Happy Couple


Our story start when we’re in second year of senior high school in 31 High School in Utan Kayu Jakarta Timur class 2-1. The four of us was the only girl in our line. And we end up sit together. And what a coincidence, we all christian, the two of us were chinese descendants (me and lina and with our small eyes), and another two were bataknese (baby and nia). We begin to know each other since then. Me and lina are a little bit tomboy and like to read comics book. Baby like to sing, and Nia was a little bit quiet. We like to hang out together to Kelapa Gading Mall (one of the biggest Mall near our neighbourhood) just to eat together or to take a picture (photobox was booming that time).

We continue our education to college in Depok (me and nia) and in Bandung (lina and baby). We separate for a couple of years and just meet if we can. We kinda busy in college’s life. 

After the four of us finished our college and start our step in the world of work for adult people, we start to hangout again. We all in same town again ( in Bekasi). 

We had our first trip together in 2011 to Pramuka Island. And we found out that we had a hobby in common which is traveling. Eventhough we don’t travel together a lot but we trying to traveling together as long as we can (difficult to have the time and money matched).

We grow to supporting each other since then. Until now…

Here we are.. our story still continue..


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