Have you heard a proverbial… “God made us cousins, because He knew our mother couldn’t handle us as sister..”

Yup!! Indeed right.. 

Introduce.. my same year born lovely cousins.. Maria and Yulien (nick name yaya en yen)…the three of us born in 1986. Our mothers are sisters in order.. daughter number 5-6-7 or 6-7-8 or 7-8-9 (i don’t know anymore…) in our family.

Yaya.. a smart, talkative and cheerful person, classy style, believe 1000% in TRUE LOVE, eat delicious was one of her hobby. Looks like she’s gonna mark all over place that she visited..:p Heavy eater who want to had a perfect body.. 😀

Yen.. a cool and a little bit tomboy person, had a long beautiful hair, adrenaline junky, exotic and sexy skin color, dedicated to work, sing was one of her hobby. Heavy drinker who already had a perfect body.. 😀

And me.. you know me lah.. a nerd person.. 😀

Okay! no doubt.. the three of us had a different character and taste. We wear different color of lipstick, yaya wear pink, i wear orange, and yen wear red lipstick. We also had different style in wardrobe. And if we had to choose a three different option, no one of us will choose the same option! (OMG!!) almost in every cases. We also don’t see this world in the same vision.

We’re close since in our kindergaten, playing cooking and doll together. And then we lost contact and only meet once in a year when imlek’s day at our grandmother’s house. We reunited again in whatsapp group at 2014 (when yaya living in German) until now (yaya back to Jakarta) and we have no clue why finally the three of us hang out together. We also try to work together as a “Wedding Organizer”. Sometimes our conversation can gone wild.. LOL 

Love you dear cousins..

Let’s have some trip together…^0^



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