Unboxing Instax Share SP 2

Hoorayyy!!! This is one of the “gadget thing” (not really a gadget) that i want it for so long.. and finally.. i got it!! 😀


It start from an ads in youtube.. i saw a new version of an Instant Camera (mini polaroid camera) performed by korean actor Song Joong Ki, in that time i want to buy that instax mini so bad. After that, i ask my friend who had a vacation to Japan to buy the instax mini 25s for me (more cheaper than in Indonesia).

And then… as year by year pass, the instax mini technology by Fujifilm become more developed and advanced, they release an instax photo printer.. wooohhh.. it’s instax share sp. And now we can print any photo from phone to that instax share only by bluetooth. So cool right!! 

For a long time i hesitate to buy that instax share. And suddenly, in the end of 2016, Fujifilm release INSTAX SHARE SP2!!! With more features!! Woooww… a long waited time suddenly make a good things for me. But unfortunately, instax share sp2 was not release yet in Indonesia. And then.. fortunately… once again i can ask a friend of mine who had vacation to Japan to buy it for me. Yeay!!! I got it… 😀

So.. this is Instax Share SP2! With a silver and futuristic color. Have features like collage, theme, filter, and rechargeable battery. I like that so much. It just i simply like polaroid so much. Collecting small photo… Print your memorable moment in your life.. 🙂

Print photo from everywhere, from go pro, from slr, from your mobile phone, collage it if you need and want it, give it some cute theme.. 😀

So much Fun!! ^o^




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