Holiday is over!!

Akkkss… a full week of holiday was over!! T.T

In Indonesia, we celebrate an Idul Fitri day as a celebration for Moslem’s people after a full of month fasting. And it usually be a full week of holiday.. yeay!! The Jakarta Town will be a little bit quite and empty when a lot of people in there go to their homeland and leave the J-town. Just once in a year we can feel a smooth, nice, and not hectic town..

So… i’m very excited to welcoming the holiday.. ^o^/

Saturday –> Lazing all day…

Sunday –> Meeting with family (like other people do), go shopping (a lot of sale…yeay!!)

Monday –> Meeting with other family in another town (a one day trip)

Tuesday –> Family member come to my house and had a family dinner

Wednesday –> Suppose to be to work (gotta some work to be done) but some friends come to make some curhat session..hahaha 😀

Thursday –> visiting family member and go to IKEA (bad idea!! The place was really full with a lot of people!!!)

Friday –> Meeting with some friends.. catch up some stories.. (failed again to finish the work)

Saturday –> Cleaning the house.. do the house chores…see a short music concert by local band…failed to work again..

Sunday –> Shop some groceries.. cook for lunch and dinner.. lazing..

And in the blink of eye.. the holiday was over.. so sad… T.T

It’s like i’m done nothing in a week..hahaha 😀

Too much to do in one week.. i need one more week!!! >_<


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