Me Vs Hubz

Me vs Hubz..

B vs O

b vs   karakter golongan darah o

bbebas vs  blood-type-o-overview-01

Tipe Kepribadian Golongan Darah B

Me vs my hubz depends on our blood type.. (picture are from google, from books of “Simple Thinking about Blood Type”)

In simple..

Me –> tend to be free minded, not too really focus on something, don’t like to follow the others, like to try new things..

Hubz–> indeed very patient to facing person like me..haha, leader, and focus to do one job so he become an expert in that…

In reality.. me and my hubz fight a lot in our first year of marriage.

Me –> like to organized all things (not so like a B blood type), don’t like to work in such a long time (8 hours is too long for me), like to collect things but easy to throw away unused things, so addicted to watch tv and and read books like comics and novel, not too careful in driving, had a nice memory (to be used in a fight, all the woman do this in a fight), sometimes concerned about the quantity than the quality (like shopping..haha). I like to move fast and don’t like to postpone something that can be done. So, i like to make an itinerary to our trip, like to collect photos, good at crafting, i don’t really love my job but i always finished my job on time, and i’m not really a patient person.

Hubz –> a messy and disorder person (except for his job), like to work in such a long time (work in weekend too in front of his mac), don’t like to collect things but hard to throw away unused things that he thinks had a value for him (in fact it just a sentimental feeling), not too like to watch tv or movie (i have to force him) but like to read books for his job or listening to tutorial in youtube or udemy (for his job of course), very careful in driving (but he had an accident with bycycle and broke his hand a month before our marriage.. what an irony..haha), not good in remembering things (except about his job), easily forgot about anything!! anything!! maybe his brain only useful for his job, concerned about quality than quantity. Move in a slowmotion pace and like to postpone the house chores.. haha 😀 So, my hubz like his job a lot (his speciality was IT), he don’t fell burden to finish his job (but feel burden to do the house chores..zzz), he like to take a good pictures, and he’s so patient to deal with anything.

Our last debate is about the mirrorless camera. My hubz usually use a DSLR camera (canon EOS 60D) that he bought in 2011. He like to take a good picture (mostly me..haha :D). It’s his hobby a long time ago, he doesn’t used his camera so often now. And i don’t understand to use his camera too, too difficult..  And for me, i had an instax camera (fujifilm instax mini 25s) that i bought in maybe 2012 or 2013, and then i changed it to Instax share printer SP-2 to instantly print photos from handphone in 2016. I once used a nikon pocket camera, but the result is not too satisfying like with a dslr (of course lah!!). I also had a go pro hero 4 that i bought in 2016. Go pro is an action camera that is much better than an underwater camera. So now, in 2017 i consider to buy a mirorrless camera, it’s because i want to take a good picture of baby D.. another consideration like easy to use and have a lightweight make me want more to buy one of them. In 2017 a lot of type with a lot of brand provide mirrorless camera like canon, nikon, sony, fujifilm, samsung, and many more. Despite all of those types, i had a budget 4-5 million and my choice goes to Canon EOS M-10, but before i can buy this camera, my hubz have to research first (he always do this before buy a new electronics for us, despite me who like to impulsively buy new things with a minim research before buying). And his choice goes to Sony Alpha A6000 that can afforded in 7-8 million (over budget 2 million). He had a lot of consideration for this mirrorless we fight or we can call it debate before we buy this camera. I want to stick to the budget (i’m a budgeting person) but my hubz want the quality more comparable with the price. And after a long debated, i finally surrender and buy his choice… oh yeah.. hubz always right when buy electronics stuff (not really.. haha :D)

But after i used the camera, i’m more than satisfied with the result.. i think this is the good choice of the mirrorless camera.. ^_^

The unboxing camera… in the next posting.. 😀


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