About Maru

Maru just someone who loves a star.


Maru was a woman (30 years old in 2016), a wife (from a funny husband), a grand daughter (from two beautiful grandma), a daughter (from a very good mom), a big sister (from 2 brothers and 1 sister), a little sister (from a brother), a cousin (from a teams), a niece (from good uncles and aunties), an aunt (from a lovely and active nephew), a best friend (from a few special people), a friend (from a bunch of people), and just an ordinary person who loves God.

Lived in Indonesia.

Have been travel (in Indonesia) to Borneo (kalimantan), thousand island (pulau seribu), Lampung and Palembang (Sumatera), Karimun Jawa, Semarang and Jogjakarta (Middle Java), Bogor, Sentul, and Bandung (West Java), Bali, Gili Trawangan, Pangandaran (Green Canyon), Sawarna and Ujung Genting.

Have been travel (out of Indonesia) to Singapura.

Bucket List to travel:

  1. All over Indonesia (so many Beautiful Places in Indonesia)
  2. Japan
  3. Seoul
  4. Thailand
  5. Macau
  6. Maldvies
  7. Malaysia
  8. Vietnam
  9. Rome
  10. Tour to Europe

Still Confuse about the theme of this blog, but will keep the spirit to write it. Please have mercy on my English (because English is not my main language in my country). Feel free the correct me if i’m wrong in make a sentence, in grammar, or in anything.

Thank you! ^_^

Arigatou.. 🙂


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